OSVP 2022 Contestant Profile


Joseph David Koroma, the CEO for LifeBlood, came second place in the OSVP 2022 National competition for the Grand Prize and ended up winning the International Competition. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Autohealth (SL) Limited, an innovator and technology activist, with strengths in web and mobile app development. He is a 4th Year medical student at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences [University of Sierra Leone].

LifeBlood is a digital health platform designed to help address the problem of acute shortages in blood products in the country’s health care delivery system. The system is designed to, among other things: Increase public awareness about safe blood services Increase the level of voluntary blood donation in the population Improve the operating efficiency of facilities administering blood services as well as the National Safe Blood Service.



Osman Yaah, the winner of the OSVP 2022 Grand prize competition, is the Founder, and CEO of Auto-smart Irrigation and Energy, has a background in Agricultural Engineering, Full stack developer, and Entrepreneur.


Auto-smart Irrigation and Energy is a grassroots initiative that is primarily developed to help small to medium-scale commercial farmers improve their yield/output, we strive to solve the biggest daily challenge by reducing the time and intensive labor that is traditionally required in watering their farmlands with the use of our Climate Smart Irrigation system, it provides and supplies water for the farmers year-round, control pest and predators, and convenience to control and monitor the system remotely using an IoT device.


Martin Dainbaquee, CEO and founder of Eco-Friendly Rechargeable Incubator came in second position in the Grand Prize.

Eco-Friendly Rechargeable Incubator is a device that mechanically helps hatch eggs without the mother hen sitting on it and without using a constant electricity supply from other sources. But thus Recharge itself to do the incubation process for up to three cycles. It hatches up to 5,000 eggs per circle and the device is 95% accurate and efficient. The device temperature and humidity controller aid production starting from Days 1 and 2 of incubation thus stimulating avian by keeping eggs warm in the correct humidity needed and used to brood birds in the hatchery tray. Thus the name of the incubator clearly tells that it is climate friendly thus countdown carbon emissions.


The Eco-Friendly Rechargeable incubator objectives are making Day-Old chick accessible and affordable to local farmers in the country thus minimizing the importation of chicken products and illegal migration of young people. Creating sustainable employment and economic empowerment and making fresh chicken products affordable and accessible source of protein, thus supporting Food Security (malnutrition)


The CEO and Founder of SAFE SPACE SIERRA LEONE, Miss Adeola Carew came first and was crowned the Tech Queen for OSVP 2022.


SAFE SPACE SIERRA LEONE is an accessible, inclusive, and non-discriminatory sexual and reproductive center that provides high-quality service at an affordable fee using low-cost technology. We also conduct massive SexEd campaigns to raise awareness of the need for our services by leveraging social media apps and other ICT. We save lives and ensure healthier habits. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. 



Emily Fanday- Founder and Business Development Lead for The Community was one of the pitchers for the Grand Prize. She has an educational background in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Emily has over 7 years of working experience in customer service, marketing and sales, business development, and networking.


Her project, The Community is a platform that connects borrowers to lenders. It is a direct alternative to bank loans. It involved a pool of investors lending money to a project or company in exchange for a debt instrument that pays fixed-term returns and interest. It is a method of financing a venture, project, or business idea. It is also a low-key way of fundraising for micro, small, and medium enterprises. The platform is run by ConNet SL Limited, a registered business in Sierra Leone. Because of the inadequate balance of alternative access to finance, the business introduced a novel model.



Mr. Emmanuel Alie Mansaray, the technical engineer of Prosthetic limbs was one of the pitchers who the Grand Prize. 


We produce prosthetic limbs for people with disabilities that help them in their movement without the support of anyone (children, friends, and family members) to help them move around freely. The prosthetic limbs produced are repairable and affordable as they are made locally this will help in their movements since they will not be restricted anymore to learning skills, being employed, accessing learning centers like schools and colleges, etc. Most disabled are not opportune to buy false foot in Sierra Leone, the reason is that they are not available in Sierra Leone, and they are very expensive to get in the Western world. So prosthetic limbs being made locally will reduce the limitations and challenges faced by persons with disabilities in accessing basic services such as education, health, public transportation, and social safety nets.


Chernor Jalloh, the CEO and Founder of CJ BEm also pitched his idea in the category for the Orange Tech Queen. 


The project, CJ BEm uses a streamlined digital solution to help small and medium enterprises modernize their billing, inventory, and sales. As a mobile point of sales, it provides an opportunity for owners to boost business growth by not worrying about inventory, billing, and sales management. Within a year of it, launch, the company through its mobile app has provided its solutions to more than 100+ businesses. Our social impact is to create more job opportunities for young people and also help in the diversification. Environmentally we are helping our clients; business owners to go paperless.


Fatmata Binta Jalloh, CEO and Founder of Farmerette pitched in the category for the Orange Tech Queen. 


Farmerette Salone is a digital market solution that brings together women Farmers and Buyers Including both industrial and households. We drive agricultural transactions through our digital platform in combination with our service partnership network. Agri Marketplace accommodates online payments between buyer and seller, product quality check options, and end-to-end logistic services. By using a web, mobile, and sms (used) platform, we connect female farmers to the market and provide real-time information on trends, prices, and market data. Allow them to find a market and provide good value and ratio quality/price and high security for buyers & end consumers. We also help these female farmers access the capital they require by crowdfunding to the general public and investors to invest in agribusiness projects they are interested in.